Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

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Today we have Top Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With! I’m pretty into character voices and I feel character voices are what makes a good book aside from a solid plot; these are books with characters whose voices I just couldn’t get on with. So without too much blabber lets get into it!

Crazy Rich Asian – Kevin Kwan
The characters in this book are all ridiculous! Ridiculous on an extreme level. I understand they’re suppose to portray the lifestyle of people who are just crazy rich, which would be unimaginable to the regular joe, yet it was just on a scale where I wanted to smack everyone. Sad part was, I couldn’t even relate to the one character who wasn’t ridiculously rich, the main heroine, Rachel Chu. Character wise…nothing worked for me in this book, we just couldn’t get along.

50 Shades of Grey – E. L. James
I didn’t read this book, but I already know I don’t click with ANY of the characters. If I had to explain why…I just wouldn’t get along with Ana Steele’s “inner goddess” if that makes sense 😀 I almost forgot Mr. Grey! To quote another blogger Erika from her previous TTT post: “‘Fifty shades of grey’ is considered a romantic story only because the guy is a billionare. If he was living in a trailer or in a shack somewhere in the woods it would be an episode of ‘Criminal minds’.” Perfectly described why me and the ridiculous Mr. Grey wouldn’t click AT ALL.

Fair Game – Monica Murphy
I read a couple chapters and could not relate to neither main characters, Shep and Jade. I mean who introduces themselves as “Bitch Face”, her character voice just felt overly shallow to me; and college students running an illegal gambling hall? Okay, even if that was a possibility in the world of the rich, Shep’s personality just felt completely off for a rich college boy, it felt very unnatural and forced. So I just DNF this book…

Alex (Cold Fury Hockey Series) – Sawyer Bennett
Another DNF book, I just couldn’t click with the main Hero, Alex. From the start he was a prick and his inner monologue just sounded overly whiny to me, how he’s damaged, how he just doesn’t give a damn…and the list just grows; it is difficult to like such a character. I can’t say much about the heroine, because I just never got to her…I couldn’t take much of Alex to continue reading.

Coming In From The Cold – Sarina Bowen
I love Sarina Bowen’s book, and she does create amazing characters, but this just wasn’t for me! I just don’t like characters who keeps harping about this problem they have and therefore can’t be in a relationship. The Hero’s family has genetic disease and his brother is dying from it and he may be next. This issue becomes the main conflict throughout the whole book and you can see how it can get pretty tiresome.

Something Borrowed – Emily Giffin
I could not get behind the characters in this book…because I don’t know how you could justify cheating on your best friend with her fiancé. Even if your best friend is a self absorbed attention whore, it just doesn’t seem right! Rachel’s character was just weak and difficult to relate to. The hero, Dex, was equally unlikable, he liked Rachel for the longest time, but went out with her friend instead for 6 WHOLE YEARS and why? Just because he didn’t have the guts to ask her out because he didn’t know how she felt about him. It just didn’t work for me.

Something Blue – Emily Giffin
Same author…only this time it focused on the annoying self centered bestfriend, Darcy. She was just not likable…and I couldn’t relate to her.

Confessions of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella
I’m sorry but I can’t understand the main character, Rebecca. If you have no money, do not shop. Shopping during a sales does not equals to saving money. How can you spend money you don’t have? Her character was just so ridiculous I could not get behind it. We would not have been able to get along…

Twilight – Stephenie Meyer
Bella Swan…she was just boring…so boring I could not see why people were so attracted to her. Then Edward Cullen…I’m sorry you glitter like marble in sunlight you can see why we wouldn’t get along…

City of Bones (Immortal Instruments Series) – Cassandra Clare
I did not finish this book, but I did end up watching the movie (I ended up fast forwarding through it…)  and I can say, I could not relate to Clary or any other characters in this book, they were neither interesting nor original…I’m sorry to say but I just did not like anyone from this series. I doubt very much we would click.

First off, YAY I made it to 10 this time! Although, this turned out to be more of a long rant on characters or books with characters that I did not like! It wasn’t just a matter of “clicking”…but more of a rant of why I couldn’t get along with these characters.

How about y’all? What are some characters you couldn’t click with?


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

  1. We share some similar picks this week – Twilight (but New Moon was even more annoying for me), City of Bones and Shopaholic. I’m going to steer clear from the other titles that you included in your list! I have a feeling I won’t enjoy reading them too.


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