Book Quote: On Paris at Night by Laura Florand

Photo Taken by Flo from

I’ve only read two of Laura Florand’s book, the first one I read was Chocolate Temptation…which made me fall in love with her writing. This was one of my favorite lines describing Paris, at night, which is one of my favorite time to view a city (I have a fascination with night views and twinkling lights).

I’ve never had any real interest in visiting Paris, in fact my one experience at their airport did not leave a very good impression. It wasn’t until I read Chocolate Temptation where I thought I should give the city (in fact the whole country) a chance. Perhaps I should be planning for a Europe trip for my next vacation.

The image used in graphic above was photographed by Flo from, I was looking for a night shot of Paris and this was a beautiful shot of Notre Dame in the evening. Lately I have this preference for watercolor effects…so bear with me while I play out my latest design effect, especially since I’ve just returned to designing graphics after a very LONGGGGG HIATUS! Perhaps one day I might even use some of my own photography 😀

Anyways, how about you? Have you read Laura Florand’s Chocolate Temptation, if you have, what are some of your favorite quotes from the book? If not, what are some of your favorite city views? I know mine is definitely night and evening views just as the sun is setting! Feel free to share!


7 thoughts on “Book Quote: On Paris at Night by Laura Florand

  1. Hey girl!! I’ve never read any of her books but I just stumbled across your blog (being a coffee ADDICT, I saw no other alternative( and jzur couldn’t imagine not stopping by. 🙂 I’m loving your blog design AND have to agree that quote is awesome!♡♡

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    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Glad the coffee addict part of me managed to rope someone in 😀 Yeah, the quote is quite beautiful, its not always you manage to find an author who manages to flesh out a location so beautifully 😀


  2. Good choice for a book quote! And the image that you chose goes perfectly with it. I knew right away that it was Notre Dame in that shot. 😛 You should totally read the rest of Laura Florand’s books. Also visit France! Especially since you don’t even need to apply for a visa.

    PS: I also quoted Laura’s books in my Snapshot From a Book posts – here and here.

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    1. It’s a gorgeous shot 😀 I hope one day I get to use my own photos for my graphics! I know…I need to get on it, but there are so many books and so little time!!!! As for traveling to Europe, I’d need 2 weeks vacay to do so, so I need to do some planning


  3. Wow I love the edit you did, really beautiful! I love books with description of real cities, it’s like an armchait travel 😀


    1. Thanks 😁 Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with brush strokes. Totally agree with you on the armchair travel. So far Laura Florand has to one of the few authors who writes beautiful locations!


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