Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Romance Tropes I Would Like To Avoid Reading

It’s Top Ten Tuesday again, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! I actually missed last week’s due to various reasons, but the big one would be I couldn’t really come up with a list, so I decided to let that one slide. Anyways, this week’s topic is: “Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit (aka ten book series I think I’m going to abandon, ten bookish habits I want to quit, ten authors I quit reading, ten types of books I’m quitting, ten tropes I want to stop reading about, ten books I marked as DNF (did not finish) recently, etc.)” We’re told to get as creative as we can; but for now I’ll stick to the basics and decided to go with Ten Romance Tropes I Would Like To Avoid Reading

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately, but mostly around romance, so I might have exhausted some of the typical story lines and I find I’m growing less tolerant of certain tropes in books, so I thought I should just list a few I would like to avoid. So lets get to it! These are not in any particular order, I’m just listing them as they come up. It’ll could turn out a little rant-ish…but let get to it.

1. Instalove
I think this is would be the one thing I really can’t handle in books. I really love the slow burn or the build up to the characters relationship. I can manage friends to lovers or childhood friends to lovers, but Instalove…nope. Suddenly all they can think about is ripping each others clothes off and they barely know each other, they just “feel” this unbelievable pull to each other without knowing anything seems ridiculous, what if either one turn out to be a bitch or a bastard? Nope…can’t get behind this.

2. Billionaires
Billionaires seems to grow on trees! Everyone is a billionaire…even millionaires are beginning to be a rare breed. The ages of these billionaires are growing younger and younger, its sorta unbelievable. I can almost manage young heirs and heiresses from old money, but still, there are only so many successful startups with young ruthless moguls I can take. Are there no middle ground? Just SUPER RICH or the SUPER POOR? This leads to a similar trope, rich guy saves poor girl, why do all the girls need saving by rich guys? Seriously? Tired…

3. Accidental Pregnancy
Accidental Pregnancy after a one night stand brings two people together…oopsies! It’s used so often its beginning to get ridiculously campy. It’s so forceful with the use of a child to bring them together…if thats what it takes maybe they just weren’t meant to be. Also safe sex anyone? With some of these ppl’s sexual track records, how is it pregnancy so common and yet STD doesn’t make an appearance?

4. Reformed Players
You see her across the room and you become a reformed player with only hots for her? REALLY?! With all the other hot babes strutting about you suddenly “instalove” this one woman at first sight and just decided thats it, you’ve turned from commitment-phobe to one-woman kinda man? Kinda need something new.

5. Contract Marriages/Fake Marriages/Fake Engagements
I’m not really into plots where the characters are forced to be in a relationship with each other. It’s like there’s nothing much to look forward to except to see how they hate each other into a relationship.

6. The Ugly Duckling/The Make-over
It’s been done in Pretty Women, Clueless and many other stories. A girl just can be comfortable in her own skin and always needs to be cleaned up to draw attention…can we just appreciate them for themselves; instead they get this massive makeover and their walking down a marble staircase dripped in the slinkiest dress you can find looking gorgeous. Heads are spinning Hero finally falls head over heels in love, so in the end its all about the physical. Moving on…

7. Hidden Angst
I don’t like the hidden angst…where the hero or the heroine keeps this hidden angst and it just grows and festers and becomes the biggest obstacles in the relationship. The whole time the reader is kept in the uncomfortable dark for to keep the tension in the story. I find I’m personally just not a fan of this sort of tension build.

8. Bitchy/Asshole Ex
Why is it the Ex boyfriend or girlfriend always a bitch/asshole? How did the characters even end up with them in the first place? Especially when the ex is so obviously a bitch or asshole. It befuddles me, it sorta makes me question the characters judge of characters and their ability to fall into instalove with each other later. Are there no good exes in this world aside from abusive or cheating boyfriends / bitchy or trashy or equally cheating girlfriends?

9. The BIG Misunderstanding
This mostly happens with instalove storyline. This can be avoided if they knew and trusted each other; OR perhaps they actually SPOKE to one another and listened? But instead we drag on for pages and chapters on this same misunderstanding…which truly is what it is a misunderstanding. It is basically used for nothing but to show the characters just how much they need each other…not even to show how little they know about each other but just how they can’t eat, breath or live without each other. It’s like they learn NOTHING.

10. The Bet
Betting on another person? That’s just wrong…I can’t get behind it at all. Worse still falling for the person who is betted on you or used you as collateral? It doesn’t make sense to me. Some sorta betting version of Stockholm Syndrome? Falling on the guy collecting on his winnings? Even though at times he’s just as much of an asshole for even agreeing to such a bet? Nope…I can’t get into this…its gotta be some amazing writing for me to get on that wagon.


Sorry about the rant-y list, but these are the ten romance tropes I would like to avoid reading. What are yours? What are you doing for this week’s post? Do share 🙂


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Romance Tropes I Would Like To Avoid Reading

  1. Great choice for a topic! I also don’t like instalove, hidden angst, the ugly duckling and the bet. Although I can get on board makeovers and billionaires if the romance is written well. 🙂


    1. These aren’t hard filters for me, where I’d be NO on them, there could be exceptions…but at the moment I wish to read less of these things. Perhaps I should just cool it on the Romance front and read more YA & Fantasy instead LOL


      1. Yes to reading more fantasy! That is something I have been trying to do more of as well. But there are some other well-written romances that you can still pick up… like Laura Florand. 😀


    1. Exactly! It’s as though if you’ve read it once you’ve read it all, and that’s just sad. These tropes could work…in original ways or with better writing but for now they’re beginning to become pretty stale.


    1. That’s a pretty good insight on instalove for a post-apocalyptic wasteland ‘we’re all gonna die anyways’ situation, the suspense bridge theory? LOL! But even that’s all lust and no substance. Slow burn for the win!


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