Book Quote: About A Goat by Erin Bow

BQ-EB-TSRAs we all know I’m reading The Scorpion Rules…its actually been quite difficult for me to get into. I will be honest, and admit that the only thing which is keeping me entertained is the goats. In fact, I don’t even like GOATS! But the ones in this book is fascinating! So here is a quote on goats…or perhaps a particular goat’s assumed train of thought 😀 

I’ll be honest…I’m only around 12%-13% into the book and already struggling to feel something. I’m just not sure if I can continue or if I will continue. I do know I keep looking at it then picking it up, reading a few pages more before putting it down and wondering if I should continue. What I do know is, if this is a series I probably will not be reading the next book even if I do finish this one. Still, TO THE GOATS!!!! I’m way too fascinated by this…

The image was taken by Patryk Sobczak from I was looking for a particular goat picture, and this feeding one caught my eye. I also wanted a chance to do another round shaped piece which looked a little like a badge and this picture of the black goat and the hand fit perfectly! 🙂 Unfortunately, I did not find one in a tree…but this will do 😀 



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