Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten (minus 2) Duos I’d LOVE To See Work Together

Base Photo by Daniel Nanescu

Another week has come and gone and here I am posting this week’s Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The BookishI was really looking forward to this particular topic; this week we’re asked to list our Top Ten Author Duos we’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together. Not that I know too many authors I want to pair up with each other, so I decided to do one on authors and manga-ka (manga artist). I’ve actually not read too many new manga(s) lately, nor have I really been keeping up, so it’d be interesting to see how many I’ll manage to list. I’ll probably be mixing old and new. I actually got the idea of tweaking this topic after reading this post at Story and Somnomancy 🙂 Credit goes to her for providing me with this inspiration!

1. Laini Taylor with AKINO Matsuri

TTT-LTxAMI really didn’t have to think too long nor to hard about this, when I first read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – with the chimaeras characters I thought of the Petshop of Horrors by Akino Matsuri. The manga is pretty old, it was published back in 1995, but one I really loved. It was about an eccentric proprietor of a mysterious pet shop located in New York, Chinatown; and the customers who visits the shop. I was originally drawn to the beautifully drawn covers before I even knew what it was about, but eventually the stories also drew me in. In fact, what drew me to Daughter of Smoke and Bone was the idea of a child raise by chimaeras; when I read about Issa it instantly made me think of Medusa (although she’s really an albino lizard and not a snake), the similarity is there 🙂 I feel Laini and Akino could create a beautiful piece together.

2. Philip Pullman with TOBOSO Yana

TTT-PPxTY When I was thinking of someone for Philip Pullman, I felt the artist had to be someone who had a good grasp on Victorian-era landscape and characters. There are a few, but since I had actually recently caught up with Toboso Yana’s Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), I felt they might go well together. Of course if we’re talking about Pullman, I was mostly thinking of his Dark Materials series, despite the fact they eventually leave the familiar English landscape, I somehow felt Toboso would be able to keep up since her series is also set in the Victorian-era period; she is also familiar with drawing some pretty dark themes. If you’re not familiar with Black Butler, its about a young earl named Ciel Phantomhive and his amazingly efficient demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis; it’s about how they solve dark underworld crimes in the name of the Queen. It’s definitely a possible combinations, Pullman and Toboso, or perhaps I’m mad 😛

3. Neil Gaiman with CLAMP (yes, they’re a team and so it wouldn’t be a duo; but they’re a single entity so it should count)

TTT-NGxC Oh my, when it came to Neil Gaiman, it wasn’t as easy, since I know he has his own graphic novel going, with the type of art some of his readers are familiar with. But somehow I thought CLAMP could do a really good job with him. CLAMP’s art is known to be quite girly since they do draw mostly in the “shoujo” (manga for young females) genre. But somehow I thought of the whimsical art from xxxHolic and it didn’t seem so impossible (my personal favorite series from them has to be Tokyo Babylon, with xxxHolic coming in second). If anyone were to translate his work into Japanese manga I just somehow feel the CLAMP team would do an interesting job using the xxxHolic type art and their heavy use of negative space.

4. George R.R Martin with YAGI Norihiro

TTT-GRRMxNY Would there be any other pair…George R.R. Martin would work really well with Yagi Norihiro who wrote Claymore. A series about humanoid shape-shifters that feed on humans and of course when you have human eating monsters, there should be a hero lurking somewhere; this is where Yagi takes it to an interesting level where the monster slayers are a group of genetically modified females called Claymores. Yagi’s art is also visually beautiful with very beautiful warrior females, somehow I just felt he could work well with George R.R. Martin if they ever decided to collaborate.

5. Gillian Flynn with URASAWA Naoki

TTT-GFxUN This was a long shot, Gillian Flynn with her strong female led trillers…would her work translate well into manga? I just wanted to try, in fact I think this was the hardest pairing to come up with. I settled on Urasawa Naoki who drew Monster, the art isn’t really something which drew me in, instead it was the psychological aspect of the work. It is about a young Japanese doctor, Tenma, working in Germany, chooses to save the life of a young boy, Johan, instead of operating on the Mayor as told to by the Hospital administration. While Johan lives, the Mayor passes away and the hospital blames Tenma; murders happen and mysterious deaths happens and Tenma becomes the main suspect, when in fact it was Johan who was the killer. It’s basically about how Tenma goes in search for Johan, feeling guilty for having saved a murderer, and his attempt to stop him. I think Gillian and Urasawa would be able to come up with something equally dark and equally trilling together.

6. Rainbow Rowell with YAZAWA Ai

TTT-RRxYA For this pair, I actually thought of Yazawa Ai, the creator of Gokinjo Monogatari, Paradise Kiss (two of my favorite manga by her) and her more famous series Nana, first and tried to match her up with an author. Yazawa’s is very girly, as she also writes in the genre of “shoujo” but its also has a very distinguishing style that you know its hers, she focuses a lot on the fashion of the characters in her stories. I thought of Rainbow Rowell….I guess I could just see Yazawa illustrate for Fangirl, despite the fact the Cath isn’t too fashionable, yet somehow its possible. It would be another quite interesting pair to see happen, if it ever does happen.

7. Patrick Ness with ISHIDA Sui

TTT-PNxIS I’ve actually not read Patrick Ness…but that will be remedied soon enough 😀 He is one of my Halloween reads! But just from what I know of Patrick Ness’ work and having flipped through A Monster Calls, I felt a good match to his work would be Ishida Sui the creator of Tokyo Ghoul. It also features a group of human eating zombies and their slayers, and the politics among the human eaters. I normally dislike zombies, but somehow found myself enjoying Tokyo Ghoul and the complexity of the series…as well as the art. I actually watched the anime first before reading the manga, and while the manga art isn’t as refine as the anime, the grittiness of Ishida’s art would match well with Patrick’s story telling abilities.

8. Laura Florand with SHINKAI Makoto

TTT-LFxSM Laura Florand…she was really the FIRST person I thought of when I thought of creating this list. Shinkai Makoto was also the first person I thought would go well with her work. Laura is know to write beautiful settings in her books, in fact, her settings could almost be characters themselves, with how she puts so much details and life into them. Shinkai on the other hand draws the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen in animation. The main reason they’re last on my list is because Shinkai Makoto is not a manga artist but an animator, but still I wanted him on this list paired up with Laura. I can’t even name a specific work by Shinkai because all of them are so beautiful they could make you tear up from their beauty. His animations are also beautiful, subtle yet beautiful, he is definitely one of my favorite animators to date. Laura and Shinkai would just make gorgeous work together somehow…he would be able to flush out her vision of Paris and the French countryside.

In fact, I did post in my photography blog, where I had gone to the location which Makoto Shinkai had depicted in his anime, “Koto no Ha no Niwa” (Garden of Words) …I will do a shameless plug here. I was just over the moon, and I couldn’t believe how perfectly he captured everything 😀


I could’t manage to list 10, but 8 is a pretty good effort 😀 How about you? Who are your fantasy duos? If you read manga and have read any of these authors do you agree with my pairing, or would you happen to have other opinions? I would love to know what you think, do share! 😀


18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten (minus 2) Duos I’d LOVE To See Work Together

  1. This is really interesting. For this Top Ten, I’ve never come across someone who pair up authors with manga ones xD this must be real tough to put together but I agree to your picks (thanks for providing the illustrations examples). I could get a clear picture because of it it!


    1. I had a tough time thinking up a list of author duos, so I decided to tweak this a little to my benefit. I figured most of the people who would read this post wouldn’t be too familiar with the manga and their artists so I felt it was important to have some illustration of their work to give an idea that if it did turn into some sorta Japanese graphic novel what it would look like 😀 Glad it helped!


  2. I love your take on this week’s topic, and I adore your match up so much. Akino Matsuri is one of my favourite manga artists and I would love to see her works with descriptive writers such as Laini Taylor. Ai Yazawa is an awesome choice for contemporary writers. Yagi Nohiro is such an inspired choice for GRRM, I love the artwork of Claymore because it’s so detailed. This is such a fantastic post, I will definitely be sharing it on Twitter ❤


    1. Thanks 😁 I was worried I was gonna botch up everyone’s pairing lol I only hope I did justice to both manga-ka and author! I’m honored you feel my post is something to be shared 😁 Thanks for dropping by!!!!


  3. G’oh, the Black Butler artwork is beautiful. I’ve watched a good portion of the anime but haven’t read the manga yet (a lot of manga has been on the back burner, unfortunately). Any author duo with CLAMP would be interesting.

    Love your take on the topic!


    1. I’m the same way too many books and manga are on the back burner…even with anime I can barely keep up with all the new and old ones LOL! I agree with you! It would be interesting to see CLAMP’s take on most authors. I got the inspiration from your previous TTT, so thanks for that 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is an awesome list! I haven’t tried mangas but not because of lack of interest, I just feel like I’d lose a lot of money because there are a lot of books in each series. 😛 Those artworks that you provided as examples look very intriguing! I would love to see more of Toboso Yana and Shinkai Makoto’s work.


    1. I can totally understand the money part in collecting manga…my mom is pretty annoyed with the boxes and boxes I have (there’s not enough space to shelve them all) 😁 Toboso Yana is really good her series is good! And yes, do check out Shinkai’s work they’re so beautiful!


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