Reading Now: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


It feels as though I’m using this opportunity to show off my Instagram photography LOL! Anyways, its a few days before Halloween and its an all out creep and horror fest out there. There are plenty of reading recommendations for scare/horror titles going around on the book blogsphere, its quite interesting indeed. This is what is in my reading pocket at the moment, Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls.

Once again this is all thanks to Chachic, she was the original owner to this gorgeous copy and introduced Patrick Ness to me. She has in fact passed on quite a few books to me to which I’m extremely grateful for, and really should do a book haul post, but I have a preference of photographing each book on their own to showcase their lovely covers. So it might take awhile before I get around doing a book haul post. I didn’t have a lot of props when I shot this picture, it was just these cute lil bake goods decor which I collected due to their adorableness. I call them the Pumpkin Twins. I thought they’d be perfect for the Halloween season, so I kept them around, aren’t they cute 😀


I love this cover! In fact I just love the whole package! The black and white gritty illustration by Jim Kay; gives it such a wonderful classic horror feel. It almost feels like a horror movie poster; the classic horror sort. The cover looks more like a gritty old photograph taken from the back of a monster making house calls in the country side, instead of an illustration, which makes it a really creepy cover. It’s pretty much perfect for a Halloween read, and a lovely piece to anyone’s book collection.

While the book has been around for awhile, I’m only just discovering it. What more the version I got is the illustrated graphic novel version, and the illustrator is the same guy who is presently working on the Harry Potter Illustrated editions, (which is BEAUTIFUL) although the art style is different. He had even won the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2012 for his work on this very book!

I’ve only heard amazing things about this book and really can’t wait to dive into it!


How about you? What are you reading at the moment? It’s almost Halloween, perhaps you may have picked something a little creepier, a little spookier? Or perhaps you’re picking something closer to the romantic feelings of autumn? Do share! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! 😀


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