Book Quote: About What Is a Dream? by Patrick Ness


I’ve just finished A Monster Call two nights ago, and I couldn’t help but be at awe of all the brilliant phrases, to where I was just itching to share them! So here is one which I like about “what is a dream?” I couldn’t pass a quote on “dreams” could I? Especially since this blog is titled “Dreaming of Espresso“.


When the Monster asked Conor why he believed that he was dreaming…could it not be that everything else was really a dream and that we are actually facing reality? I’m not sure why, but it somehow made me think about how we sometimes think we’re dreaming when we find ourselves in an improbably position/situation. It’s just I realize that when something amazingly good happen or something bad happens some tend to ask themselves, “Am I dreaming?

Where am I going with this? I’m not too sure myself. I just felt that I wanted to share. If you’ve read the book, perhaps you could tell me more about what you think this quote is about ? I’m open to discussion and opinions 😀


The base picture for the graphic was by Brandon Morgan, taken from I was looking for an eerie looking tree, but found this instead and thought it was perfect. I do love starry night skies, and this had the required “tree”, although it might not be a yew tree, but a tree nonetheless…and so it was perfect with the whole theme of dreams as well as the setting of the book. I’m definitely still not over watercolor effects…so we will all just have to live with this for awhile till I find some other design to obsess about 😀


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