Book Quote: Sense of Peace by Laura Florand


I’m presently reading Once Upon A Rose by Laura Florand in the gym. Laura is known for incredibly descriptive and beautiful writing, especially in how she describes a place or its atmosphere. This quote had caught my eye early on in the reading process. 

I’m actually nowhere close to finishing this book, but I saw this beautiful of a bouquet of rose taken by Agnieszka K. from and decided to do a quote post. I’d edited it quite a bit…but and I ended up loving the effect. Although I think I need to make more effort in terms of my collection of fonts, I had a very limited selection to pick from. It’d really been awhile since I’ve done graphics to be honest, I only dug out my very rusty skills when I decided to blog.

Anyways back to the quote – it caught my eye, mostly because lately I’ve not been able to feel at peace…in fact I’ve been having problems sleeping as well. Perhaps I was a little envious of the peace which Layla, the main character, had found in this little valley she’d stumbled upon by accident. Can you imagine it? You’re just lost and alone, and suddenly you find yourself in a field or roses…and this sense of peace comes over you. This is something I’m looking for; therefore it became something I wanted to share with everyone 🙂

If you do read romance and this quote has also caught your eye, do pick up a copy of Laura Florand’s work 😀


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