Looking Back: On November


Oh wow! November was a mix of busy, yet still a little slow. Thanksgiving had just come and gone, I hope everyone had a good one. I guess some will still be having their leftover turkey 😉

The post count for this month is a little scarce. I was traveling during the beginning of the month…and when I came back I felt somehow drained of ideas, hence there ended up being very little blog content. In fact, I was later slammed with a reading slump which became pretty frustrating, its still something I’m working to shake off at the moment. Anyways, enough whining on my part, let’s get on with the recaps of the month 😀



The Hook Up (Game On #1) – Kristen Callihan
Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) – Leigh Bardugo


Alistair Grim’s Odditorium (Odditorium #1) – Gregory Funaro
Once Upon a Rose (La Vie En Rose #1) – Laura Florand
Seige and Storm (The Grisha #2) – Leigh Bardugo

It’s been a slow reading progress for me in November. I’m fighting a reading slump.

…for now I’m trying to read as much as I can while I’m running on the treadmill in the gym, seems like its the only place I can concentrate. Hopefully I will be able to kick this soon. I’m going between 3 books at the moment hoping they would help, we’ll see how it goes.


Book Reviews:
A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness
Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) – Leigh Bardugo
The Hook Up (Game On #1) – Kristen Callihan

Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and Bookish:
Book to Movie Adaptations I’m Looking Forward to
10 Quotes Which Got My Attention From Books I Read In The Past Year…

Book Quotes:
Sense of Peace by Laura Florand

Bookish Ramblings:
Reading Slumps


So this was my blogging progress for November! How was yours? Hopefully it was a lot more productive than mine! Feel free to share what you wish you could have done more of or perhaps your plans for December?

It will be December tomorrow! It’s my favorite month of the year! It’s when I go off and take a vacation to meet up with my parents! I also love the Christmas season, its one of my favorite holidays…I think its just this whole festivity around gift giving and all the twinkling lights, and…oh my, I don’t even know how to contain my own excitement regarding why I love this particular holiday season so much! 😀


The ribbon vector art I used in my banner was done by Marish, taken from Creative Market. I still think I need to increase my font library…I just don’t have enough fonts to pick from LOL! It’s just never enough sometimes 😛


6 thoughts on “Looking Back: On November

  1. Before I started my blog some months ago, I had a three-year reading slump in which I barely read more than five books and nothing can hold my attention, haha. It’s the worst, and I hope you get over yours as painlessly and quickly as possible. ❤

    I also never have enough fonts! I think I have about three or four of those cursive, watercolour-y fonts–they all look REALLY similar but I still need more. It's a problem!


      1. I don’t really know, haha. One day (this August actually), I picked up a book and I read it and hey, finally I could finish it without having to force myself to do it! Sorry, I’m not sure that’s much help at all. 😛


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