Bookish Ramblings: Looking for Christmas Reads Recommendations!


This is my first post in December 😀 OH MAH GAWD it’s DECEMBER!!! It’s finally my favorite season of the year! Especially with Christmas just being around the corner 😀 Of course, along with this month I’m looking for some Christmas or wintery reads. Would anyone have any recommendations? 


At the moment I live in Malaysia and it is a tropical country so we don’t get snow, but I’ve also lived in some wintery countries for a good part of my life and I do miss it very much.I absolutely love Christmas its one of my favorite festive holidays, the whole gift giving, cold weather, hot chocolate by the fire place…snow! I just love it all! So right now I’m looking for some good wintery/Christmasy goodness reads 😉

A play on words from GoT! The original image was taken by Łukasz Dec from

So this is a call of help to all you wonderful bookworms out there…do share with me your season favorites for winter, be it fantasy, YA, romance, Middle Grade…etc. I’m prepared to accept them all!!! 😀 I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


I think its time to switch out my dividers for some twinkling christmas lights or a string of ornaments or something…I will need to plan something, or I could just stick to being lazy and keep to this LOL!



2 thoughts on “Bookish Ramblings: Looking for Christmas Reads Recommendations!

  1. I do love me a cozy romancey book to curl up to on the holidays! I just finished Carry On, which was pretty awesome. The Mercy Thompson books are fab too 😀


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