Bookish Ramblings: My Experience with Buddy Reading


So just recently I had done my first buddy read of Alice Clayton’s Nuts, and would like to document the experience…especially for those who are also first timers at this 😀 Let’s just hope I manage to do a good job at this…


I’ve always heard the term “buddy read” but I have no idea what it was all about, or how people went about it. So when Reg from She Latitude invited me to join in, with some other bloggers (who until this event I did not know about), I jumped at the opportunity 😀 Thanks Reg!

So the way we were going about reading together for this particular book was to read 5 chapters a day, and to tweet about it with the hashtag #WhatTheNuts I thought it was cute 😀 That was basically it, we were to read it, tweet our thoughts and just comment and interact with one another as we get through the book.

The situation was actually a really interesting one for I am having a reading slump and the whole time I had a really tough time keeping up with the pace. I found I would get distracted easily and just at times wouldn’t even be able to continue reading through to the next page, but, because I was reading with a group of people I made more of an effort to keep plowing through…and it made for an incredibly fun and interactive read for me 😀 In someway it also kept me reading and fighting through the slump and I think it is sort of working for me…since I managed to finish a whole book and its been awhile!

Aside from the reading slump, the activity of reading always felt like a solo activity for me. I’ve never simultaneously read the same book with others aside from required reading for classes. Therefore, I felt this was pretty fun. To be able to spaz and fan girl about something at the same time as others, to have a discussion (not much…just 140 letters of tweeting) with each other, and the knowledge of knowing someone else was also reading and experiencing the book at the same time as you were was really interesting.

Another fun part was getting to meet new people 😀 I was glad that the group of people I was reading with were friendly and social, and that made all the difference 🙂

The people I was reading with were:
Reg – She Latitude  (of course)
Michelle – Michelle & Leslie Book Picks
Julia – Editing Services by Julia Byers 
Kate – Literary Kate (although I did not really interact with her during the course of the reading)

Now that I’ve finished reading, all that is left is to write up a review. That will be up as soon as I am able to digest and put my thoughts together on my view of the book. xmas-dividerSo would I do this again? Definitely! I just hope the next time I do it, I would be more well paced and not going though this slump! Thank you ladies for allowing me to join in at the very last minute. Y’all made it really fun for me!


How about you? Have you buddy read before? Was it with one other person or a group of people? Would you do it again? What was your own experience with it? Let’s discuss this, I’d be really interested in knowing your thoughts!xmas-divider

The photo used in the banner is by Christa Lind from…I just like how cozy it looked especially since winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner.


6 thoughts on “Bookish Ramblings: My Experience with Buddy Reading

  1. Hi Kim! I’m so glad you enjoyed our buddy read. it was my first experience too, and like you i struggled with the pace, even with just the 5 chapters a day because i don’t usually read much during the weekdays (when i get home from work, all i want to do is eat dinner and watch tv) and do most of my reading during the weekends. but the buddy read did push me to read more than i usually do in the week. i also LOVED having other people experiencing the book with me. i totally agree with about reading being a solitary activity and it was so WONDERFUL having that discussion (despite twitter’s 140 characters–we should’ve taken more of an advantage of twitter’s message feature for more lengthier discussions because then we’re not limited to 140 characters. NEXT TIME!! 😀 ) with you, Reg, Julia and Kate. Definitely let me know if you want to another buddy read in the near future–i’d love to do it again.



    1. Thanks for being so engaging the whole time 😀 I totally understand the whole getting home and just wanting to slum and shut down the brain. I used to read a lot faster, and nightly but lately, there’s just been too many errands to run (holiday season) and this stupid reading slump (its tough to take anything in), by the time I do have the book in my hands I’m just ready to shut down LOL! Yeah, we should definitely do another one. It was a lot of fun meeting new people and sharing the experience 😀


  2. I enjoyed this, my first buddy read, as well! I’ve only read a book with classmates (English major here) so our discussions were more guided than not by the professors. Oh! Actually, my husband and I read the first three Song of Ice and Fire books together, and that was fun….I don’t remember where I was going with this…. But I would certainly do it again!


    1. Haha I love how it’s a first for most of us! Yeah same here…aside from required readings for classes (An English major as well…from a Texas university as well 😉) this is my first time sharing my reading experience simultaneously as a group! I’ve not manage to make a dent in the Song Of Ice and Fire books…I have the first 2 books sitting in my bookshelf. Let’s do this again soon!!!! 😁

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