Graphic Novel / Manga Challenge for 2016

Yomiko Readman from the manga series Read or Die (R.O.D)

I’ve already signed up for the Goodread challenge, and am gonna commit myself to reading 50 books this year, but really I’m putting down a lowerΒ number because of my present reading slump. Then as I’m wondering about how to over come my slump, Chachic brought to my attention this other wonderful challenge, for graphic novels and manga, read about it here. Continue reading “Graphic Novel / Manga Challenge for 2016”

Bookish Ramblings: Writer’s Block…


Embarrassingly, it seems I’ve been facing a lot of slumps and blocks. As I continue to battle this reading slump (I’m slowly managing to get a few pages each time I manage to read)…I’ve seem to have come face to face with a completely different sort of slump…rather I’d call this a block. Continue reading “Bookish Ramblings: Writer’s Block…”