Bookish Ramblings: Writer’s Block…


Embarrassingly, it seems I’ve been facing a lot of slumps and blocks. As I continue to battle this reading slump (I’m slowly managing to get a few pages each time I manage to read)…I’ve seem to have come face to face with a completely different sort of slump…rather I’d call this a block.dividerI’m having a creativity block…it doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing be it graphics, arts & crafts, thinking up blog post ideas, reading or even at work (not that my job requires a lot of creativity)…I feel blocked – stuffed up…blanked out.

Since this is a book blog I’ll just keep this to bookish things…so lets call this a “writer’s block“.

It’s gotten bad that even coming up with the ability to write posts for this blog has been difficult. For example this week’s TTT, which was a FREEBIE – how was this even difficult to write? I could have just taken from the list of topics which I’ve not written before, but none of them seem to jump out and me and scream “pick me! pick me!” everything just seems like a wall blocking my thoughts from flowing.

I’ll be traveling next week after this trip it will be another few months before I travel again, so will have to make the most out of it. Although, I’ve noticed after this past long break, that it takes me a while to get back into the rhythm of blogging when I get back. It is bothering me a little.

I’ve been told to just keep writing; to just keep the ideas flowing, but what happens when you draw a blank? It isn’t as though I’ve written all that many posts or discussion posts (I don’t think I’ve written one of those before) or creative posts before, so the well of thoughts shouldn’t have drained out. I’ve barely even started blogging…

Has anyone else had this trouble before? If you have, how did you get over it? I say this while I’m still battling my reading slump…somehow it feels they’re both connected…if this slump manages to dissolve, perhaps the writing flow would return?


10 thoughts on “Bookish Ramblings: Writer’s Block…

  1. I completely agree that when I am in a reading slump, I am usually in a writing slump too. I use write or die when I am too in my head. It won’t help with creative ideas, but it’s a way to write without thinking as much? Good luck getting over your writer’s block, and safe travels!

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  2. I find myself in this position when I allow stress/anxiety to crowd my mind and blow my ability to focus. I also think slumps/blocks are a naturally occurring thing. Maybe you need the short upcoming break to clear your mind? Don’t force yourself or stress over a lack of creativity, maybe you just need to recharge. Don’t forget, do what you need to do. If there’s something about blogging that is weighing you down, change it. I hope you find a renewed sense of creativity soon 💜 ❤

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  3. I’m so sorry this is happening to you! Writer’s blocks suck, reading slumps suck, and it sucks even more both of them are together.

    I actually find freebie topics a bit harder because there’s that extra layer of thinking that comes with it–i.e. you have to consider what the topic’s gonna be first, and then decide what you want to feature.

    Maybe you could reread your old favourites? Don’t pressure yourself to blog, just take it easy. It’s all supposed to be good fun. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your trip!

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    1. I have the same issues with freebies! They’re fun but at the same time u also wanna have a topic a little out of the box for a more interesting read. I’m not really pressuring myself as much as just “slumping” it out…I just makes me question my commitment to my blog. You’re right it is for fun…so I should just enjoy the ride 😁 Thanks!


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