Graphic Novel / Manga Challenge for 2016

Yomiko Readman from the manga series Read or Die (R.O.D)

I’ve already signed up for the Goodread challenge, and am gonna commit myself to reading 50 books this year, but really I’m putting down a lower number because of my present reading slump. Then as I’m wondering about how to over come my slump, Chachic brought to my attention this other wonderful challenge, for graphic novels and manga, read about it here.


The Levels:
Modern Age:  Read and Review 12 Books
Bronze Age:  Read and Review 24 Books
Silver Age:  Read and Review 52 Books

1st Jan till 31st Dec of this year

– Write a sign-up post on your blog and then sign-up here with a link to your specific sign-up post (NOT to your home page).

– What counts: graphic novels, collected trade editions, manga, comic strip collections, comic books or combinations of text and bubbles all in the same book. In print or digital.

– You must write a review and link to it for it to count towards the challenge. Reviews may be posted on your blog or Goodreads or similar places. Several reviews may be gathered and posted in one link on your blog, but each book must be linked back here in the monthly linkies to count. Return every month to record your progress.

The Button:


Since I actually do enjoy manga and I’ll just sign up for the Bronze Age category, so basically I’ll be reading an average of 2 manga/graphic novel a month, which I feel is pretty doable. It might even be able to help me with my reading slump at the moment 😀

I’m actually a little late in the game, but since I’ve been reading a manga at the beginning of this year I think I can sorta do a review post for it…in fact I think I blasted through a couple volumes in the beginning of the month; I’ll have to see how I can organize my reviews for it.

I sort of have a list I want to start on…I’ll probably put it up in a later post 😀 Do join me on my journey to read more lovely graphic novels and manga for the year!!! Also, if you happen to be joining this particular challenge, I’d love to know what your graphic novel/manga reading list looks like 🙂


When I thought of graphic novel/manga characters who were Bibliophiles to design a banner with, the first one who came to mind was, Yomiko Readman from the series Read or Die (R.O.D). It was one of the first manga’s I read where the main character was an adorable bibliophile with an amazing power to control paper. If you’ve not read or watched the series, do take a peek at it to see if it interests you.


20 thoughts on “Graphic Novel / Manga Challenge for 2016

    1. I’ve also not considered manga & graphic novels as “books”; they’re just a completely different storytelling medium 😁 hence a separate challenge for them 👍 I’m on a sports themed marathon at the moment for manga, as for graphic novels I received some volume of Saga, so gonna finish those. Short term goals for now 😉

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  1. OMG that’s such a cute graphic! And perfect for this book challenge. I chose the lowest level but I have a feeling I may end up reading 2 graphic novels per month too. The real challenge will be in writing reviews for them. 😛

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      1. I’ll send u the original image 😁 you don’t have to credit me for that…but if u want to use this one go ahead I do have my watermark on the bottom right. But if u would credit me that would be nice too 😁


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