Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Songs I Wish That Were Books

Base Photo by Daniel Nanescu

It’s my first Tuesday after returning from Tokyo, basically my second day back at work…hahaha it’s actually been kinda of tough getting back into the rhythm of things. I’m also getting back into blogging slowly…its interesting how all my return posts has been TTTs 😀 So lets get on with this week’s topic!

dividerFor this week the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish are all about music & books. So I’m gonna do: 10 songs I wish that were books. Since I’ve just returned from Japan, I’m gonna do a Japanese themed post. So for this post I’m going to try to list my top ten Japanese song picks that I wish were books 😀 Some I think would just make really good soundtrack for books, since their lyrics could be quite generic. In fact, I think Japanese lyrics are quite beautiful and poetic, and they would translate beautifully into stories. While I know not many would listen to Japanese music, I hope this would intrigue you to check them out 😀

I was going to post the translated lyrics here, but it would make the post too long, so what I will do instead is to post a small portion of the lyrics and add links to where you can read the complete translation 😀

Sakura by Ketsumeishi (さくら – ケツメイシ)

It’s almost Spring, and spring in Japan is absolutely beautiful! Since its also when cherryblossoms (Sakura) bloom all over the country! Due to the flowers’ significants to the Japanese they have released quite a lot of music titled Sakura and this is one of my favorite “Sakura” titled songs by the band Ketsumeishi. 

“Your voice
And the memories I’d forgotten
Are revived amidst
The fallen cherry blossoms
The Spring wind won’t stop blowing
Like the way it wouldn’t back then
And the light smell of your hair
As you pushed it aside comes back
We made a promise
The way we did back then” – Translation by Kyoko

Sakurairo Maukoro by Nakashima Mika (桜色舞うころ – 中島美嘉)

I must really Sakura, this isn’t really titled sakura, but rather the color of cherryblossoms. This song isn’t as upbeat as the previous one and in fact a little more nostalgic with a hint of bittersweetness. I couldn’t find a video of the original singer…so this is a fanmade MV instead 🙂

“When the color of cherry blossoms fills the air
I’m alone,
standing dumb, unable to contain what I feel in my heart

when the color of the new leaves sprouts
the feelings come pouring out,
I lost track of everything,
and drifted towards you”  – Translation by Brian Stewart and Takako Sakuma

One More Time, One More Chance by Yamazaki Masayoshi (One More Time, One More Chance – 山崎まさよし)

This is an oldie but another of my favorite, although the lyrics are quite sad, about a guy/girl looks everywhere for their lover, who they have lost, just wanting another chance to be with them again. I was really happy when this was made into the ending song of one of my favorite anime, 5 centimeter per second by one of my favorite animator, Makoto Shinkai.

“It doesn’t matter where I am because
I can’t help but look for you everywhere
On the station platform, in the alley windows
I keep fooling myself thinking I might find you there
Never thought I would wish upon a star
I just want to be there by your side
There’s nothing that I won’t do, I’d give up everything
Just to hold you in my arms, one more time” – Translations by Lyric Wikia

Rain by Motohiro Hata (Rain – 秦基博)

The version I posted is by Motohiro Hata, which was remade for the anime, Garden of Words (言の葉の庭) by Makoto Shinkai (can you tell how much I love his work?!) The original was sung by Senri Oe. This is more of a summer-ish, rainy season type song. It might not be able to be made into a book, but I can see this being a scene in a book…perhaps?

“Lady, you’re shrouded in the rain.
I ran for a bit through the empty station.

“I don’t mind getting caught in the downpour.”
“I don’t mind being soaked to the bone.”
As you kick up the water beneath your feet, you fade away.
Morning comes early in the back streets,
So I try to catch you while I still can –
“Don’t go, don’t go,”
I call out.” – Translations by BambooXZX

I For You – Luna Sea

Ignore the weird English grammar of the title 🙂 But the lyrics to the song is beautiful despite it being a rock song. Another one from my youth! This is a song I sing quite a bit at karaoke, the basic of this is about a guy who meets a timid girl and they fall in love, the lyrics does hint that it wasn’t exactly easy since they talk about hurting each other, but it ends that he truly loves her and needs to tell her. A bold hero and a shy heroine…both navigating love and trying their best not to hurt each other…I think this would be an angsty book, although the song was the theme song for the Japanese drama, God Please Give Me a Little More Time (神様もう少しだけ), which was a pretty angsty show.

“Hey the truth is someone said they can’t love,

The encounter with the timid you,
At last I realized its meaning,

It’s extremely sad if we met to hurt each other” – Translations by エメラルドK

I Love You by Ozaki Yutaka (I Love You – 尾崎豊)

I adore this song to bits…but it is such a heart breaking song about the forbidden love of youths. The no matter how much they wished to hold on to each other, they’re just unable to continue with their relationship. I love Ozaki Yutaka’s work, he wrote music which reflected the youth of his generation, where he was expressing the frustrations of young people trapped in an incredibly conformist social system. I’d be interesting to see a book about young love that cannot be, but not in a Romeo and Juliet formula.

“Our love had its limitations
so we’re like abandoned stray cats
this room is like our empty box, buried in fallen leaves
that’s why you cry out like a kitten
we bring naivety to the creaky bed,
when we hold each other tightly,
then we’ll close our eyes again,
and hope that our love doesn’t lose its passion in a sad song.” – Translations by Brian Stewart and Takako Sakuma

Hitomi wo Tojite by Hirai Ken (瞳を閉じて – 平井堅)

I must seem to love heartbreaking songs…or sad stories…since a book written on this song would break my heart at the end. Since it is about missing a love one who has left. It wouldn’t be a story with a happy ending thats for sure. 😦

“I wake up every morning to a reminder that you’re gone. 
My back that used to feel your warmth is now so cold.
Stop with the bitterness, let’s open the heavy curtains.
The sun is too bright. It chases after me everyday.
The tears you showed me that day.
Those tears that glowed in the sunset. The warmth from your shoulder.
Every time I try to forget,
my heart, my body remembers you.” – Translation by jpoptranslations


I’ll stop at 7 songs for the Japanese ones it seems when it comes to Japanese music I seem to have this love really sad songs, I don’t really mind having books written with their themes in mind, I would gladly read them in fact, but it doesn’t change the fact these books would be rather sad ones. Therefore, for the last 3 will be English songs 😀

When We Were Young by Adele

OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!! And I do think it would make a really good story! It’s a pretty popular song so I don’t think it needs much introduction 😀

Photograph by Ed Sheeran

I really love the lyrics to this song. It’s is basically about long distance relationships. While I don’t have a long distance love…I can relate to it on other levels such as my relationship with friends and family, since we all live so far apart.

Breakeven by The Script

A book on having a hard time getting over a relationship? It happens in books where the hero breaks up then becomes unable to move on…but usually their ex was some sort of bitch or other who broke their heart, but what happens if its mutual, if the ex wasn’t a bitch? Wasn’t a cheat and wasn’t a liar? Could there be a story where the ex was a decent person? And the hero just misses her but the relationship just isn’t meant to be? Could that be a story worth reading I wonder.


These were my 10 picks! I hope some of them interests you…perhaps inspires some of you writers out there with ideas for stories 😀 Where any of the songs which were posted interesting to you? What were your 10 music picks?


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Songs I Wish That Were Books

    1. I think I would have put more Adele songs if I wasn’t restricting myself with the whole Japanese theme LOL I think another song I would have added would be Carrie Underwood’s Just a Dream…but once more that would be a sad song 😅

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes he does have amazing lyrics…and they’re all quite relatable! I think that’d what makes his music so good! I was thinking of listing a few other of his songs but at the moment Photograph is my fave 😁 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh gods. Every time I hear One More Time, One More Chance, I start crying. There might be too many feels if that song became an actual story (other than the one in 5 Centimeters Per Second…which had me BAWLING by the way).


    1. The song is so perfect for 5 Centimeters per second…it’s all about missed opportunities and friends to lovers trope and just gahhhhh beautiful! When it became the theme song I was like it’s perfect in a bawl your eyeballs out way! 😢

      Liked by 1 person

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