5Fave Book Covers: Some of My Favorite Book Covers

I really love book covers…sometimes I pick up a book just because of the gorgeous cover design 😀 While I love them, I realize I don’t keep a record or a list, since I have a blog now, why not record them while I share them with others who enjoy pretty and unique book covers like I do 😀 So for this post I decided to share 5 of my favorite cover designs.dividerThey are in no particular order of like/dislike or even published dates, I’m just going to display the 5 covers which just catches my attention at the moment.

I really love this cover! The grittiness of it and the monochrome coloring, Jim Kay really did an amazing job at illustrating the cover. It really sets the mood for the book and the story itself. Say if you saw this at a book store, you’d instantly relate it to a book about a monster making a house call. It really has impact 😀

I love this cover so much so when I saw the book I wanted to purchase the special edition! Although, I did not do so…due to lack of funds and just ended up with the regular copy. Still I love this! From the color scheme to the illustration by Noelle Stevenson. She so perfectly captured the characters Cath and Levi, their relationship and her fangirling tendencies! Another aspect I like is how the characters and the typography are combined, how do I put this in more designer like terms? I’m not sure but perhaps if I write more of these posts I’ll get better at describing them 😀

東京喰種トーキョーグール 1 [Tokyo Guru 1] (Tokyo Ghoul, #1)
I love Ishida Sui’s illustration, for his manga cover of Tokyo Ghoul, especially for the first volume. There is also the cleverly placed copy of the manga in the hands of the main character of the manga 🙂 I like how they used a white background and selective coloring, so it doesn’t overwhelm our senses. I guess I do have a thing for uncluttered book designs? There is also a sense of grittiness which comes from the cover setting the overall mood of the story before you even get into it 😀

While I’ve not read the book yet, I love the cover! The brush typography and painted illustrations along with the color scheme 😀 I love how they use white space to emphasize upon the main character as well. I’m a fan of brush effects, especially when they’re used well…and this cover does it very nicely!

I did not love the book. Although, I would have picked it up all the same for the cover. I love the vectored throne with the red scorpions filling it out. I also like how one of the scorpion tail is curled around the “L” & “E”. The gradient background and the white block typography all lends itself quite well to the book’s setting. I really like the focus the cover has on the throne. The danger of sitting on a throne…along with the subtitle “One wrong move could kill you.” Imagine sitting on a whole chair crawling with scorpions…I’ll just leave you with that thought.divider
These are my 5 picks for this week! What did you think of them? Would these cover entice you to pick up any of these titles? Did you like any of them, or did you feel there were better editions out there of these books? I’d love to hear from you! I’m thinking of trying to make this a weekly post, if not monthly, I would love to explore more book designs after all.divider
For the banner above, the original photo was photographed by Dustin Lee, taken from StockSnap.io.


3 thoughts on “5Fave Book Covers: Some of My Favorite Book Covers

    1. Thanks! I hope I manage to keep this up 😀 Although I don’t think its gonna be an issue seeing that there’s loads of lovely covers out there for me to discover! I’ve gotta check those out 😀 I think I’ve seen some of the covers from the series but I’m not sure who designed them…I’ll def check out the ones you suggested 🙂


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