Looking Back: On February

LB-FEB2016.pngToday is a special day, one that comes along once every 4 years! It’s the 29th of February! In a blink of an eye February has come and gone. This month has been quite eventful for me, I’d take a trip to Tokyo (yay!), it was the Lunar New Year so lots of family gathering, and I celebrated a cousin’s birthday along with the last day of the lunar new year. I’ve also managed to do quite a bit of blogging…divider

Book Reviews:
The Girl with Seven Names – A North Korean Defector’s Story
When The Duke was Wicked – Lorraine Heath 

Manga Review:
Noragami – Adachitoka

Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and Bookish:
10 Songs I Wish That Were Books
Top Historical Settings I’d Love to See or Read in Books

5Fave Book Covers:
Some of My Favorite Book Covers

Book Look:
Inspired by Risuko – David Kudler

This month has been quite fruitful…I’ve managed to come up with two new features which are 5Fave Book Covers and Book Look. I plan to make them monthly feature for now, perhaps post em twice a month? I’ve not decided as of yet…we’ll see in the coming month for March. divider

In bookish blog terms, this was my February, how was yours? Hopefully it was a lot more productive than mine! Feel free to share what you wish you could have done more of or perhaps your plans for spring season of March!


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