Looking Back: On March


In a blink of an eye, March is almost to an end! When I post this, it will mark the last day of March, and tomorrow will be April. This year has moved pretty quickly…although at times it feels as though it’s moving at a glacial speed…but we can’t deny that 3 months have past in the year and we’re moving into our 4th month. Anyways…here is to the month of March! Do take the time to see if  you’ve missed any of my previous posts for this month.


Book Reviews:
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The Progeny – Tosca Lee

Manga Review:
Gangsta. Vol.1 – Kousuke

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5Fave Book Covers:
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Book Looks:
Inspired by Once Upon a Rose – Laura Florand

Book Tag:
The Versatile Blogger Award

I barely blogged in the month of March. In fact, don’t think I managed to do much reading for this month…I’ve been otherwise preoccupied by some of my other hobbies. I’ve also personally picked up another new hobby, working with polymer clay. I’ve not really made anything yet, but will soon. I need to make more of an effort to read more in the coming month. I will be headed for Bangkok for a weekend in April, will try to get some reading done as I chill by the pool!

This was my March, how was yours? Hopefully it was a lot more productive than mine! Feel free to share what you wish you could have done more of or perhaps your plans for spring season of April!


2 thoughts on “Looking Back: On March

    1. Hahaha I’ve not tried it yet…I need to start! Going just to get away…we really just needed to leave the country for a bit 😉 chill by the pool…sleep in and eat good food!


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