Blogging Hiatus…


I will be going on a semi blogging hiatus!


This month started off a little too much for me to take…I’m just unable to do much after work these days; work has basically drained me of thought, hence rendering me unable to do much.

I would probably post from time to time when I find the time, chances are this month’s posts would be scarce unless something changes at work.

I’ll be back…hopefully earlier by mid month or end May or in June! See you THEN!!!


Banner’s image was taken from; photographed by Lia Leslie.


Manga Review: Smokin’ Parade Vol.1 – Kataoka Jinsei


Let me start of the month of May a little differently, usually my manga reviews are mid-month or end of the month but I couldn’t resist with this one. I rarely pick up series on a whim…but the art style totally called to me. It was only after reading the first page did I realize that this was from the same mangaka as Deadman Wonderland which I’ve not read but am now tempted to pick up.

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