Bookish Ramblings: Things that happen when I try to push through a book slump


I rarely write these posts and most times they revolve around book slumps, but lately I’ve been through a few book slumps and I find there are times even my favorite authors can’t seem to pull me out. It can get devastating because it feels as if one of your most favorite method of escape has been blocked off.

Despite the block I would try to continue reading and try to continue finding that escape, keep pushing at that block…and in that situation it would affect my reading choices and how I relate with a story. Here’s a list of things I find happen to me during this situation (not all of it is bad):


I find that I’m willing to try out new things. I would try to turn to my favorites, but when that doesn’t work and I get desperate I would just try to find a different solution and at times this helps me break through the block and I find myself with a brand new favorite author/genre! This isn’t always the case, but its amazing when it happens…when you discover something you never thought you’d like.


When it hits, I find I can become incredibly harsh on a book. Little things would turn me off and I just find I have little patience/tolerance. It doesn’t mean other readers are lenient on the book or the author was doing a shitty job at writing the story; but it’s just that I would get frustrated being unable to get into the book. At times it could be the book, but I just find I would get incredibly difficult about it. Like I’d read, and if I’m successful, finish the book and thought “Meh…” and give it a low ratings or write a lukewarm review about it…then at a later time come across the same title while in a different mood different mood, with an odd reason gives it a reread and BAM! It is like the BEST THING I’VE EVER READ! What gives?

3. CONFUSION (Is it me or is it the book?)

Reading would feel like a chore, and I would feel incredibly exhausted; because I’m unsure if it’s my mood affecting my reading ability or that me and the book just don’t jive. It gets to the point where I couldn’t figure out if its me, or the book? I think this links to the whole ‘being overly harsh‘.


Okay so this goes against my first point, but stay with me. There are times I can’t seem to take in anything new, but I also can’t seem to take in anything I know I would enjoy and it just drives me a little crazy. So when the first point fails, I shut it down completely and it can influences my future reading choices. I know I shouldn’t but sometimes it happens, I do try to give things a second chance later…at times it doesn’t jive and at times…I’m happy it was just the ridiculous mood.


I throw a DNF party…I literally put way too many books down! And somehow…I don’t go back to as many of them as I’d like; and it stays in my DNF list. Sadly…which reminds me maybe I should give some of those books a second chance, when I’m in a better mood.


One thing’s for sure, I definitely keep pushing through…because who knows what I’ll find! Book slump sucks but it does happen even to the best of us.

What about you? Have you ever tried to force yourself through a book slump? Have you experienced these same things? Or perhaps your experience is completely different? Would love to hear about what you think!


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