Hi! I’m Kim and…

I am…

…a dreamer
…a coffee lover
…a book lover
…a music lover
…a popculture enthusiast (for me this covers everything from tv series to musicals)
…a video gamer
…a traveller
…a novice photographer
…a writer (or attempting to be)
…an artist
…a foodie
…a gemini


…is separated from my blog espressodream, which is my main photography / foodie blog, it seems that I had unconsciously fallen into a type of format and system with that blog and want to separate these two blogs.
…is for me to review the books I’m reading as well as bookish thoughts.
…is as a friend aptly put it “my happy place“; a place for me to just be me.


…I’ve lived in 4 different countries on 3 different continents and still feel this need to travel.
…I’m presently based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
…Genres I read are Romance (Contemporary & Historical), Fantasy, YA, New Adult, Manga(s) and Graphic Novels.
…I love pretty book covers. I can be enticed to pick up a book based on its cover at times.


I would love to hear from others who somehow end up reading my blog so feel free to leave me a comment, I might not be able to respond to all of them, I will do my very best to! It’s alright if you disagree with my opinions, but don’t start bashing, bullying or posting up rude remarks just because my opinions differ from yours. This is my space…my thoughts…my opinion, if you disagree and want to start a discussion please do civilly. Thank you!

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