Book Quote: About What Is a Dream? by Patrick Ness


I’ve just finished A Monster Call two nights ago, and I couldn’t help but be at awe of all the brilliant phrases, to where I was just itching to share them! So here is one which I like about “what is a dream?” I couldn’t pass a quote on “dreams” could I? Especially since this blog is titled “Dreaming of Espresso“. Continue reading “Book Quote: About What Is a Dream? by Patrick Ness”

Book Quote: About A Goat by Erin Bow

BQ-EB-TSRAs we all know I’m reading The Scorpion Rules…its actually been quite difficult for me to get into. I will be honest, and admit that the only thing which is keeping me entertained is the goats. In fact, I don’t even like GOATS! But the ones in this book is fascinating! So here is a quote on goats…or perhaps a particular goat’s assumed train of thought 😀  Continue reading “Book Quote: About A Goat by Erin Bow”

Book Quote: On Paris at Night by Laura Florand

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I’ve only read two of Laura Florand’s book, the first one I read was Chocolate Temptation…which made me fall in love with her writing. This was one of my favorite lines describing Paris, at night, which is one of my favorite time to view a city (I have a fascination with night views and twinkling lights).

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Book Quote: On Prague by Laini Taylor

Lately, I’ve developed a habit of highlighting my favorite phrases, paragraphs, even conversations in books I’ve been reading. This is something I would never do on a physical copy, but I find when I’m reading on my Kindle or iPad, I don’t feel so guilty highlighting my digital copies 😛

I’ve amassed quite a bit of highlighted goodies, and I thought why not share some of my favorite bits which the authors had carefully crafted for our enjoyment! In fact, perhaps some of the quotes might even spur you in trying out some of the authors or books you’ve not read or explored?

For my first book quote I’m gonna pick one from the book I’m currently reading – Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

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