Bookish Ramblings: Things that happen when I try to push through a book slump


I rarely write these posts and most times they revolve around book slumps, but lately I’ve been through a few book slumps and I find there are times even my favorite authors can’t seem to pull me out.Β It can get devastating because it feels as if one of your most favorite method of escape has been blocked off.
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5Fave Book Covers: Some of My Favorite Book Covers

I really love book covers…sometimes I pick up a book just because of the gorgeous cover design πŸ˜€ While I love them, I realize I don’t keep a record or a list, since I have a blog now, why not record them while I share them with others who enjoy pretty and unique book covers like I do πŸ˜€Β So for this post I decided to share 5 of my favorite cover designs. Continue reading “5Fave Book Covers: Some of My Favorite Book Covers”

Bookish Ramblings: Writer’s Block…


Embarrassingly, it seems I’ve been facing a lot of slumps and blocks. As I continue to battle this reading slump (I’m slowly managing to get a few pages each time I manage to read)…I’ve seem to have come face to face with a completely different sort of slump…rather I’d call this a block. Continue reading “Bookish Ramblings: Writer’s Block…”

Bookish Ramblings: My Experience with Buddy Reading


So just recently I had done my first buddy read of Alice Clayton’s Nuts, and would like to documentΒ the experience…especially for those who are also first timers at this πŸ˜€ Let’s just hope I manage to do a good job at this…
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Bookish Ramblings: Looking for Christmas Reads Recommendations!


This is my first post in December πŸ˜€ OH MAH GAWD it’s DECEMBER!!! It’s finally my favorite season of the year! EspeciallyΒ with Christmas just being around the corner πŸ˜€ Of course, along with this month I’m looking for some Christmas or wintery reads. Would anyone have any recommendations?Β  Continue reading “Bookish Ramblings: Looking for Christmas Reads Recommendations!”