Looking Back: On January & February


The last few months while I was away on my hiatus were some pretty tough times. So when 2017 rolled around and I decided to make a comeback to blogging, as well as some huge decisions. So this time around, I’d decided to combine both months in one post – I didn’t wanna miss recapping the post I did in January.

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Looking Back: On April


Quite a bit of changes had taken changes in non-bookish ways for me in the month of April…so much so it has taken a slight toll on me. Although, I’d taken a short vacation between all thats been going on, somehow I’m still feeling a little sluggish…perhaps I need a longer vacation! But, with some planning and scheduling I’ve managed to work out some posts for most of this month…check out what my bookish April looked like!  Continue reading “Looking Back: On April”

Looking Back: On March


In a blink of an eye, March is almost to an end! When I post this, it will mark the last day of March, and tomorrow will be April. This year has moved pretty quickly…although at times it feels as though it’s moving at a glacial speed…but we can’t deny that 3 months have past in the year and we’re moving into our 4th month. Anyways…here is to the month of March! Do take the time to see if  you’ve missed any of my previous posts for this month.
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Looking Back: On February

LB-FEB2016.pngToday is a special day, one that comes along once every 4 years! It’s the 29th of February! In a blink of an eye February has come and gone. This month has been quite eventful for me, I’d take a trip to Tokyo (yay!), it was the Lunar New Year so lots of family gathering, and I celebrated a cousin’s birthday along with the last day of the lunar new year. I’ve also managed to do quite a bit of blogging… Continue reading “Looking Back: On February”

Looking Back: On October



This month seriously flew by for me…before it manages to register in my mind its already Halloween; the last day of the month of October. This year, months are just zooming past me one after the other, and when I realize it, it’d be Christmas soon! Since I did one for September, I decided to do a recap post for this month as well, a good tie in to wishing everyone Happy Halloween while I’m at it.

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