Bookish Ramblings: Things that happen when I try to push through a book slump


I rarely write these posts and most times they revolve around book slumps, but lately I’ve been through a few book slumps and I find there are times even my favorite authors can’t seem to pull me out. It can get devastating because it feels as if one of your most favorite method of escape has been blocked off.
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Looking Back: On January & February


The last few months while I was away on my hiatus were some pretty tough times. So when 2017 rolled around and I decided to make a comeback to blogging, as well as some huge decisions. So this time around, I’d decided to combine both months in one post – I didn’t wanna miss recapping the post I did in January.

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Book Review: The Final Empire (The Mistborn Trilogy #1) by Brandon Sanderson


This was an absolutely brilliant read! It takes awhile to get into it, but so worth it! I know my reviews has been mostly romance as of late, but I had read this book last year, with the intention of reviewing it. So here are my view…

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Book Looks: Inspired by Pretty Face – Lucy Parker

BL-PF-LP.png| Dress | Earring | Lipstick | Necklace | Eyeliner | Bag | Shoes | Umbrella | Watch |

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on a Book Looks post, but I recently read Lucy Parker’s Pretty Face and was absolutely in love with the book! So I was absolutely excited to be working on this post!  Continue reading “Book Looks: Inspired by Pretty Face – Lucy Parker”

Cover Reveal: Sarina Bowen’s Goodbye Paradise


Lemme just declare I do enjoy most of Sarina Bowen‘s works, especially her series the Ivy Years and the duology she wrote with Elle Kennedy, Him & Us. She is basically on my auto-buy list, at least for her new works. I’ve not actually explored her work prior to the Ivy Years. So when I got the news on her cover reveal for a retitled/republished/revamped work of hers, I knew I just had to share it with y’all! Continue reading “Cover Reveal: Sarina Bowen’s Goodbye Paradise”