Review Policy


Hi all! Thought I’d put down my policy for accepting books for reviews.

I am always happy to receive books for reviews, I will try my best to review the ones I do receive but please understand if I don’t manage every single one of them.

I’m open to receiving electronic copy (I own a Kindle) and hardcopy (printed ARCs and finished copies – hardcover or paperback); please keep in mind I am currently  an international reviewer living in MALAYSIA. I have not yet tried reviewing audiobooks, but am open to that opportunity.

I will do my best to review the books I accept within a timely manner, but delays could happen due to time constraint. On time sensitive book reviews, please do inform me if books are required to be reviewed by a specific date. Also, please bear in mind that I may be unable to review every book I receive and reserve the right to reject review requests.

My reviews are my own thoughts and opinion. I will do my best to be honest, respectful (especially on negative reviews, I might not enjoy it but I won’t be rude about it) and unbiased. I will do my best to be objective, listing what works and what doesn’t.

My reviews are posted mostly on my blog, but I am also active on Goodreads & Twitter.

Please email me at:


I’m generally into a wide range of genres, and am willing to try any genre at least once.

What works for me:
– Romance: New Adult, Contemporary, Historical & M/M
– Fantasy: High Fantasy, YA & Middle Grade
– Horror
– Triller/Suspense
– Mystery

What doesn’t work for me:
– Sci-Fi
– Dystopian
– Religion topics (I’m alright if a character is Christian/Buddhist/Muslim or perhaps it is a historical fiction with religion being a part of the plot, but not if the whole story gets overly preachy on the issue)


Photograph used in the banner is by Annie Spratt, taken from Unsplash.