Cover Reveal: Sarina Bowen’s Goodbye Paradise


Lemme just declare I do enjoy most of Sarina Bowen‘s works, especially her series the Ivy Years and the duology she wrote with Elle Kennedy, Him & Us. She is basically on my auto-buy list, at least for her new works. I’ve not actually explored her work prior to the Ivy Years. So when I got the news on her cover reveal for a retitled/republished/revamped work of hers, I knew I just had to share it with y’all! Continue reading “Cover Reveal: Sarina Bowen’s Goodbye Paradise”

Looking Back: On April


Quite a bit of changes had taken changes in non-bookish ways for me in the month of April…so much so it has taken a slight toll on me. Although, I’d taken a short vacation between all thats been going on, somehow I’m still feeling a little sluggish…perhaps I need a longer vacation! But, with some planning and scheduling I’ve managed to work out some posts for most of this month…check out what my bookish April looked like!  Continue reading “Looking Back: On April”

Cover Reveal: Sarina Bowen’s True North Series


I have never done a cover reveal…so this is pretty exciting for me! I was only recently introduced to Sarina Bowen, by Chachic, about a little more than a year ago; now she has become one of my favorite authors. I don’t just have ONE cover but THREE covers to reveal to you today!  Continue reading “Cover Reveal: Sarina Bowen’s True North Series”

Looking Back: On March


In a blink of an eye, March is almost to an end! When I post this, it will mark the last day of March, and tomorrow will be April. This year has moved pretty quickly…although at times it feels as though it’s moving at a glacial speed…but we can’t deny that 3 months have past in the year and we’re moving into our 4th month. Anyways…here is to the month of March! Do take the time to see if  you’ve missed any of my previous posts for this month.
Continue reading “Looking Back: On March”